More Life: Pro-Tech campaign for life extension&regenerative medicine

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The web will transform politics too: Campaigns Wikia was launched about two weeks ago by Wikipedia-founder Jimmy Wales and the Mission Statement took the form of An open letter to the blogosphere

Here is my idea: online-offline Pro-Tech campaign&happening for life extension&regenerative medicine&biotech which fits well for the participatory politics-driven spirit of Campaigns Wikia and the new and powerful web tools we have. New tools deserves new topics and issues.
Healthy Life Extension (LE) is out of those very rare issues, that could make people go to the streets and demonstrate for the first time that there are many people whose established desire is to live more and eliminate problems concerning aging through science, biotech and medicine. Many particular aims could be targeted in this area from research and health care to human rights too.
So imagine a free, geek performance for LE (more LIFE) when people, aiming high and thinking long term in every age group – old people very welcome -, researchers, coders, doctors, geeks, intellectuals, IT-entrepreneurs, businessmen… who want to live more, go and stand up for their human rights to live as long as they can to express their full human potential and stand up for life extension technologies, (embryonic) stem cell research, tissue engineering and human biotechnology in general. This would be interesting, non-violent. Hippie and hip. Not just -sometimes- boring conferences, gatherings, but lively, funny happenings which make LE aims and supporters really visible. The ideal offline place of this kind of performance would be the U.S., California the home of Proposition 71, or Miami, the Grey Zone.
More Life would be an international, intergenerational movement transcending existing political barriers, linking people together seeking the common denominator. Supporting healthy life extension is celebrating and confirming the value and dignity of human life. Live long enough to live more, than ever.
What better place than here, what better time than now?


If I would use the 2.0 lingo, I could say that the above case is when biotech 2.0 meets political 2.0. By biotech 2.0 here I mean the next, coming stage of medical BT, which has customized products and personalized services, like a continuous regeneration treatment, for healthy people too, and the users of this technology are aware and self-aware. Just like Ray Kurzweil.

Our life is the ultimate user generated content. More life, more content. 🙂


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Niche culture, long tail, the perspective of niche science&philosophy Senators: say yeeeeah, Bush: say yeeeeah to embryonic stem cells

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